PhilEquity Symposium

PhilEquity Symposium
PhilEquity Symposium

Making Money in the New Normal (Environment)

I. Two New Normals

  1. Low interest rates
  2. Duterte

II. There are different types of investments

  1. Businesses
  2. Cash
  3. Time deposit
  4. US dollar
  5. Other currencies
  6. Bonds
  7. Jewelry
  8. Gold
  9. Paintings
  10. Real estate
  11. Stocks
  12. Mutual funds

III. Why you’re losing by leaving your money in the bank

  1. Goal of investing is to beat inflation
  2. Bond yields are too low, many are negative

IV. Duterte – High risk, high reward

  1. Landslide win against the establishment
  2. Economic team and policies
  3. What sectors and companies will benefit from the new administration’s policies?

V. Why did the market fall – and why it’s on the way up

  1. China
  2. Oil
  3. Strong dollar – show other currencies, such as euro and yen
  4. Election jitters
  5. Heavy foreign selling of Philippine stocks

VI. Our Market Outlook

  1. Philippine peso
  2. Philippine stock market

VII. 22 Years of Outperformance

  1. A few examples of how Philequity navigated through turbulent times

VIII. Conclusion

  1. 1. Returns must beat inflation
  2. Time deposits and bonds do not provide enough yield
  3. Asset allocation accounts for 90% of your portfolio’s return
  4. If you believe in the Philippine growth story, then over the long term, stocks are still the best asset class to own