50 Years of Moving Forward: Inspiration for Excellence


February 24, 2016
5PM : Pre-Show
7PM : Mini-Concert
9th Floor, CKS College (Narra Campus)

You can register for free tickets by visiting the school or messaging via facebook.com/CKSCollegeNarra your:

Complete Name

As confirmation, CKSC College will send you your ticket number. Tickets can be claimed from Ms. Lhay or Ms. Althea at the CKS College (Narra) office.

The concert is open to CKS College/ CKSC-FBAS alumni and students.

* Get a chance to win exciting prizes

* Special Guests: Mary Grace Khu, Kevin Villanueva, Timothy Yap, Bugoy CariƱo, and Morissette Amon

Hope you and your CKSian friends and batchmates can come!